Scotland-India Connections

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Scotland-India Connections

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  • Distance: 13,688,416 steps
  • Milestones: 9

Celebrate Scotland's contemporary connections with the world's largest democracy…by walking to India!  There are many examples of collaboration between India and Scotland in trade and investment, education and skills, energy and water and culture, heritage and tourism.

To find out more about Scotland/India links, go to:

Created for Graeme from the Scottish Government’s Active Scotland Division and Katie from the International Division.

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Map of Scotland-India Connections
  • 1. Edinburgh


  • 2. London

    Distance: + 607.69km

  • 3. Paris

    Distance: + 371.41km

  • 4. Munich

    Distance: + 775.30km

  • 5. Vienna

    Distance: + 396.04km

  • 6. Budapest

    Distance: + 248.39km

  • 7. Bucharest

    Distance: + 763.65km

  • 8. Istanbul

    Distance: + 607.69km

  • 9. Dehli

    Distance: + 5,617.34km

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