Maggie’s to Maggie’s - Scotland

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Maggie’s to Maggie’s - Scotland

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  • Distance: 675,949 steps
  • Milestones: 8

Visit all the Maggie’s centres across Scotland and fundraise to help people with cancer. Maggie’s offers the best possible support free to people with cancer and their families in centres across the UK. On the walk, you’ll see the beautifully designed Scottish centres, each of which are unique and help the people who come to us for support feel better.

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Map of Maggie’s to Maggie’s - Scotland
  • 1. Maggie's Highlands


  • 2. Maggie's Aberdeen

    Distance: + 162.02km

  • 3. Maggie's Dundee

    Distance: + 109.74km

  • 4. Maggie's Fife

    Distance: + 52.46km

  • 5. Maggie's Edinburgh

    Distance: + 45.83km

  • 6. Maggie's Forth Valley

    Distance: + 45.04km

  • 7. Maggie's Lanarkshire

    Distance: + 25.99km

  • 8. Maggie's Glasgow

    Distance: + 22.50km

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