Isle of Cumbrae

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Isle of Cumbrae

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  • Distance: 23,316 steps
  • Milestones: 7

Isle of Cumbrae: A lovely island nestling in the beautiful Firth of Clyde. A popular visitor destination for generations, perfect for walking and cycling. Scotland's biggest and best 'outdoor gym'. Check out for more information about this little gem. 

All photos with kind permission of CP Kelly.

This one's for you, Charlie!

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Map of Isle of Cumbrae
  • 1. Garrison House


  • 2. Westbourne Caravan Park

    Distance: + 1.93km

  • 3. Fintry Bay Kiosk

    Distance: + 2.91km

  • 4. Cumbrae Ferry Terminal

    Distance: + 4.70km

  • 5. The National Sports Centre

    Distance: + 0.52km

  • 6. Farland Point

    Distance: + 4.44km

  • 7. Crocodile Rock

    Distance: + 1.49km

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