Mongolian Marathon

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Mongolian Marathon

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  • Distance: 23,057,313 steps
  • Milestones: 8

An epic walk to the vast, empty, beautiful country of Mongolia.  A land which links earth and sky. A land of legends and nomads!

We’ve created this special route to support a small team of (crazy!) runners taking part in the Genghis Khan Ice Marathon in Mongolia in conditions of minus 40 degrees Celsius to raise funds for Riding for the Disabled and the Scottish Association for Mental Health.  Why not lend your support too by making a donation to help these 2 great charities? Click here to donate.

This one’s for you Maurice!

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Map of Mongolian Marathon
  • 1. Edinburgh


  • 2. London

    Distance: + 605.83km

  • 3. Vienna

    Distance: + 1,388.03km

  • 4. Istanbul

    Distance: + 1,508.58km

  • 5. Agra

    Distance: + 5,787.86km

  • 6. Lhasa

    Distance: + 1,733.20km

  • 7. Xi'an

    Distance: + 2,841.46km

  • 8. Ulaanbaatar

    Distance: + 1,947.75km

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