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Steps to Success

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Steps to Success: The mission of UK charity, Educating The Children's (ETC), is to empower girls & young women in East Africa through education/training that leads to employment. 

We were delighted to be asked if we could create a route for the charity from London to Uganda where they operate in support of International Women's Day. This is the result. We hope you like it.

Why not support the wonderful work of this great charity as you walk? You can also set up a fundraising page to raise money whilst you walk. 

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Map of Steps to Success
  • 1. United Kingdom – ETC gets started with an inspired trip to Kenya (Year 2008)


  • 2. France: ETC volunteers notice lack of access to secondary education in Masai Mara (Year 2010)

    Distance: + 694.31km

  • 3. Spain: ETC teachers scheme expands (Year 2011)

    Distance: + 805.97km

  • 4. Algeria: ETC builds vision for first secondary school in Masai Mara (Year 2012)

    Distance: + 803.87km

  • 5. You’re still in Algeria: ETC secures funds (Year 2013)

    Distance: + 804.90km

  • 6. You’re still in Algeria (but not for much longer!): ETC school build starts (Year 2014)

    Distance: + 840.08km

  • 7. Niger: Welcome to our new school (Year 2015)

    Distance: + 772.29km

  • 8. Nigeria: Our school expands (Year 2016)

    Distance: + 806.17km

  • 9. Chad: Another trip, another inspired idea (Year 2017)

    Distance: + 801.03km

  • 10. South Sudan: Our first high school graduation (Year 2018)

    Distance: + 829.92km

  • 11. You’re still in South Sudan: The school is a success and Code Queen is launched (Year 2019)

    Distance: + 623.16km

  • 12. South Sudan/Uganda border (nearly there!): Code Queen goes online (Year 2020)

    Distance: + 558.98km

  • 13. Welcome to Uganda: Code Queen looks to scale (Year 2021 and beyond!)

    Distance: + 502.72km

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