St Olav's Waterway

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St Olav's Waterway

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  • Distance: 1,610,952 steps
  • Milestones: 12

St Olav's Waterway:  The only pilgrims’ path with sauna and sea views every day!  Walk through the most beautiful archipelago in the world from island to island. The route will take you from Turku Cathedral on the Finnish mainland, through the Finnish archipelago, Åland – the islands of peace - across Sweden and on to your final destination of Trondheim in Norway.

Thanks for reaching out to us James and making this happen. 

Photo by kind permission of Stefen Bremer.

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Map of St Olav's Waterway
  • 1. Turku Cathedral


  • 2. Pargas Church

    Distance: + 22.53km

  • 3. Nagu church

    Distance: + 33.30km

  • 4. Korpo Church

    Distance: + 23.14km

  • 5. Jurmo

    Distance: + 37.51km

  • 6. Kökar, Åland

    Distance: + 40.08km

  • 7. Jomala Church, Åland

    Distance: + 81.88km

  • 8. Eckerö, Åland

    Distance: + 29.64km

  • 9. Kårböle

    Distance: + 395.15km

  • 10. Åre

    Distance: + 236.17km

  • 11. Stiklestad

    Distance: + 109.33km

  • 12. Trondheim Cathedral

    Distance: + 96.07km

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