West Around the World

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West Around the World

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  • Distance: 63,367,309 steps
  • Milestones: 9

The cardiac team at Mid Essex Hospital so enjoyed taking part in the successful 2015 Heart & Sole Challenge of walking round the world to promote cardiac rehabilitation they decided they would like to go round again; this time in the opposite direction!

They asked for our help. How could we refuse?  Why not have a go too?

This one is for you Una.

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Map of West Around the World
  • 1. Chelmsford


  • 2. Washington, DC

    Distance: + 5,927.34km

  • 3. Los Angeles

    Distance: + 4,225.03km

  • 4. Auckland

    Distance: + 10,496.10km

  • 5. Brisbane

    Distance: + 2,289.39km

  • 6. Kuala Lumpur

    Distance: + 6,460.62km

  • 7. Agra

    Distance: + 5,175.35km

  • 8. Istanbul

    Distance: + 5,869.92km

  • 9. London

    Distance: + 3,013.55km

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