The Eirias Rainbow Walk

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The Eirias Rainbow Walk

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  • Distance: 3,523,419 steps
  • Milestones: 12

We are privileged to have the opportunity to create this special walk to support Ysbyty'r Enfys in Llandudno and to support the NHS in their brave work during this very difficult time. The walk is significant in its starting point of the Rainbow (Ysbyty'r Enfys) and the finishing point of hope (Florence Nightingale's place of birth).

To support the campaign to raise funds for Ysbyty Enfys and other NHS services in North Wales go to the Just Giving Page to collect sponsorship, or make a donation:

Thank you for making this happen, Mrs Zachara, and for reaching out to us. Good luck.

Mae'n fraint gennyn ni ein bod ni'n cael y cyfle i greu'r daith arbennig hon i gefnogi Ysbyty'r Enfys yn Llandudno ac i gefnogi'r GIG efo'u gwaith dewr yn ystod y cyfnod anodd hwn.  Mae'r daith yn cychwyn wrth droed yr enfys (Ysbyty'r Enfys) ac yn gorffen mewn gobaith (ym man geni Florence Nightingale)

Er mwyn cefnogi'r ymgyrch i godi arian ar gyfer Ysbyty'r Enfys a gwasanaethau eraill GIG yng Ngogledd Cymru, ewch i dudalen Just Giving i gasglu arian neu i wneud cyfraniad:

Diolch am wneud i hyn ddigwydd Mrs Zachara, ac am estyn llaw aton ni.  Pob lwc. 

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Map of The Eirias Rainbow Walk
  • 1. Llandudno


  • 2. St Davids (Tŷ Ddewi)

    Distance: + 244.35km

  • 3. Cardiff (Caerdydd)

    Distance: + 175.51km

  • 4. London (Llundain)

    Distance: + 240.37km

  • 5. Brussels (Brwsel)

    Distance: + 355.59km

  • 6. Cologne

    Distance: + 200.56km

  • 7. Frankfurt

    Distance: + 172.35km

  • 8. Stuttgart

    Distance: + 175.14km

  • 9. Zurich

    Distance: + 193.25km

  • 10. Milan

    Distance: + 340.68km

  • 11. Bologna

    Distance: + 217.31km

  • 12. Florence (Fflorens)

    Distance: + 101.25km

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