Happy Hearts Day Challenge

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Happy Hearts Day Challenge

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  • Distance: 1,886,101 steps
  • Milestones: 12

We receive many requests to create bespoke routes. Each request has a story behind it. This one was a bit special.

On 1 March 2019 a 6 year old girl gave her father a handmade card and wished him 'Happy Hearts Day'. When he asked what was special about the day, his daughter said it was a day for doing something kind for someone you love, or care about. 

We were asked to create this walk is to give people a different perception of what St Patrick day can represent and to consider the ripple effect of our good actions; in this case raising money for a children's hospice in Frankfurt by walking to Dublin. 

You can find out more about Happy Hearts Day here.

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Map of Happy Hearts Day Challenge
  • 1. Frankfurt


  • 2. Cologne

    Distance: + 171.36km

  • 3. Brussels

    Distance: + 200.36km

  • 4. Bruges

    Distance: + 95.13km

  • 5. Canterbury

    Distance: + 177.28km

  • 6. London

    Distance: + 92.44km

  • 7. Oxford

    Distance: + 90.60km

  • 8. Stratford-upon-Avon

    Distance: + 63.05km

  • 9. Chester

    Distance: + 150.87km

  • 10. Conwy

    Distance: + 71.25km

  • 11. Holyhead

    Distance: + 62.71km

  • 12. Dublin

    Distance: + 118.45km

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