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Hi All. Ok, so here we go!!! I hope (!) I have now managed to set up a virtual journey that is well over 50,000km. It goes through a number of places that I have lived or that are important to me for one reason or another, and the idea is that we get as many people as possible to join in. Whether you decide to do 5km to help, or 5000km, the idea is to give you a target for while we're all stuck indoors...and hopefully beyond! We've got till the end of the year to try and complete it. And you can run or walk. All I ask, is that when you sign up to the app - which should be free, and join the mission, that you either: * Create a sponsorship page on Justgiving and then link it to my team page at www.justgiving.com/teams/50KB450 or * Make a minimum donation of £5 for a child (great incentive to keep them active!) or £10 for an adult * Share the page and what we're trying to achieve with as many of your friends and family as possible who might want to help us to reach the 50,000 miles, and most importantly who would be spreading the word about myeloma, and helping us to raise our #50KB450 I'd love to get feedback when people use the app too as I've never used it before so am hoping it will all run smoothly!!!
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