Nihibubak Charity Walk

Nihibubak Charity Walk
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Walk with us to the finish line Over the last weeks, we raised $134,068 towards our goal of $200,000 for the Sumba Crisis Relief Fund. On Sunday, May 17th, we are walking 21 km from Nihi Sumba to Waikabubak to raise additional funds to make it to the finish line, a journey that will take us over the rugged landscape of West Sumba. It's simple. All you have to do is sponsor any of the participants. Remember a donation of $20 feeds a family for an entire month. Our goal of $21,000 will help us provide food for 1000 families in our area throughout the next month. Walk Your Way! We are making this a virtual walk as well, so you can join us from anywhere! Everyone can participate regardless of health status or ability to travel to specific locations. You can participate by donating, spreading the word, and/or walking locally. How does the virtual walk work? 1. Form a small team of your friends, neighbours, and family (remember to adhere to you local social distancing guidelines). Or choose to participate on your own, knowing you are part of something bigger! 2. Join us on May17. Choose your distance: you may walk around the block, do a 1km walk down the street, or even match our goal on your treadmill at home. Do what you can. There is no distance too short. 3. Take a photo of you or your journey and share it on social media. We invite you to tag us on Social Media @nihisumba @sumbafoundation #nihibubak. How can I contribute? Click Donate, sponsor one our participants and contribute what you can. Remember as little as $20 can help feed an entire family for one month.
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