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2018 /r/xxketo Around the World Step Challenge

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A little about us
In 2017, 33 /r/xxketo-ers completed the Watch Your Steps Challenge and walked an average of ~47,500 steps weekly. Everyone had different reasons for joining - losing weight, toning up, being more active, having a fitness goal - but in the end, we all agreed that the challenge was about much more. Members made connections, motivated one another, made healthier choices, and had a blast! Starting 1/12/2018, /r/xxketo presents: Let's go --- Around the World in 2018 - Step Challenge!!! Using World Walking's free app/site, you can update your profile, steps (manual or sync from device), and communicate with group members. Join other /r/xxketo-ers on a tour of the world and get moving!
  • 6,193,506 Steps walked together
  • 1 Walk started
  • Joined: Jan 2018

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