Audit Scotland Pedometer Chall...

Audit Scotland Pedometer Challenge
A little about us
Our Aims... are simply to Motivate.
Wellness International Ltd invites you to find fun in fitness and reap the benefits of a healthier, active lifestyle.
Your winter pedometer challenge is for Audit Scotland employees to walk the route of the Queens Baton around Scotland in celebration of this years XX Commonwealth Games.
Your challenge begins in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and home to the Audit family, there will be 32 Scottish locations along the way.
Why are we doing this;
There are many upshots to getting up and about, like reducing your risk of heart disease and helping you keep to a healthy weight and shape, but exercising a positive attitude and a little spirit of adventure can do wonders too. Yep, walking does as much for your mind as it does your body.
And this is where your Pedometer Challenge comes into its own. Offering you goals to aim for and promoting a sense of purpose and community with your co-workers and colleagues.
To help your motivation on the way Wellness International Ltd in partnership with adidas UK Ltd have agreed to provide 3x £75 pre-paid MasterCard's for use on their online store for the 3 employees who contribute the most steps to the challenge.
These prizes will be issued on completion of your 4,658,686 step pedometer challenge.
Be inspired, stay motivated and keep fit.
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