Rambling Brass

Rambling Brass
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In 2008 Rambling Brass was formed with a group of Brass Banders walking to the summit of Snowdon with their instruments to raise money for the NSPCC and raise the profile of Safeguarding in Brass Bands. Between 2008 and 2012 further adventures occurred, but the biggest one was the launch of BandSafe ! Now that is safely in the hands of Brass Bands England - mission accomplished, its time to get back to some walking!! We are all missing each other so much at the moment so let’s get active, get health and reunite in a way we can. Join me and let’s see how far we can walk together, until we can get back in Bandroom’s again, maybe we can then organise another Rambling Brass trip - but for now let’s just walk to feel we can still achieve something together. X Heidi
  • 9,362,251 Steps walked together
  • 2 Walks started
  • Joined: Feb 2021

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