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OSD Be Well
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OSD Be Well is a yearlong initiative to promote health and wellness among our students and community. The link between health and well-being and positive academic performance is well researched. Schools play a critical role in teaching students aspects of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of nurturing their well-being. Now is the time to establish solid health and wellness practices. OSD Be Well will promote strategies and skills in support of social and emotional regulation, cultivating a positive and healthy mindset, stress management, help-seeking behaviors, good nutrition, regular physical activity and more. OSD Be Well - Race the USA Challenge is our first event, join us as our steps virtually take us across our beautiful nation. At each milestone, we reach a new state and earn a summary of interesting facts. This is NOT a competition, but rather a joint project. We are all part of the same team! The more we walk, the more milestones we reach, and the more we reap the benefits of being physically active. We encourage you to get out there and walk with your family, friends, and students, log your steps, and help us walk across the USA! Student Wellness Mental Health + Physical Fitness + Nutrition += Student Success! #OSDBeWell
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