Socially Distanced 5k!

Socially Distanced 5k!
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I am a fibromyalgia sufferer and it is very difficult to get physical exercise in.... the pain it creates is excruciating but the benefits are amazing! To keep myself motivated I've always found that having a goal like a 5k ahead always serves as a great motivator! So like I always did in the past I went online searching for 5k races near me... but to my disappointment they've all been canceled because of covid 19. Well I don't think we should let that stop us! Let's walk/run together adhering to social distancing standards! I propose we train at home ... walking or running in our backyards... in our houses... or in our neighborhoods if allowed! Then on a date to be determined in August we all go out in our neighborhoods if allowed for a 5k! If not we do it in our own backyards or in our homes! Making sure we do not congregate. We map our own routes where we live... whether as a individuals or as a family within the same household! Let's get moving! Socially distanced doesn't mean we all have to become unhealthy couch potatoes! It is even more important now more than ever that we get active and healthy!
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