Fun Loving, Low carb, walking...

Fun Loving, Low carb, walking !!

Currently walking: Baton Relay 8: Caribbean B

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Lets all have fun, and cheer each other a cross the finish line! This is a group where people can share ideas, tips, recipes, and photos of anything low carb or health minded alike! Essentially a support group to have fun, while living a healthier lifestyle; for the mind body and soul, as well as to inspire others!! This page is ideal for all who; love to cheer others on, promote well being, exemplify encouragement , and enjoy taking part in others journey's as well! Additionally I Love cooking and have come up with some amazing tasty food ideas along with photos, and recipes! You are welcome and even encouraged to do the same! Come on lets get started!!! I also have a facebook page, and invite you all to join!!!
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