Keep Calm and Carrot On

Keep Calm and Carrot On

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So. The world has been impacted by a scary virus. In these strange times, we need things that inspire us. What better than a chance to step up morales, and engage in friendly competition with a few pals? The good news is that rather than just grin and bear it, we have an opportunity to be a little more...carrot. So put on your sweatbands and fill up your water cause the hot zone just got a little bit hotter. Like the last roll of toilet paper on sale in the shop, we're gonna fly faster than even the stock price can drop. Even if the Zoom meetings freeze and our cameras betray us, A Time / Abs PM step challenge is sure to belay us. So get out or stay in, with a mile or marathon, And remember we're in it together...keep calm and carrot on!
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