Vroom Walkers for Wellness

Vroom Walkers for Wellness
A little about us
Welcome to our Vroom Walkers for Wellness walking group, designed for employees, to help you move more every day in order to keep your body fit, active and toned. It's no secret that the amount of physical movement you do each day, without long periods of sitting, has one of the greatest impacts on your health and fitness. And an easy way to monitor this is to track - or, if needed, increase - your daily step count. To track your progress, we suggest you count the number of steps you do each day. Our recommended way to do this is with an activity tracker or fit watch. We also advise ensuring that you're wearing suitable footwear when you're getting your steps in - that's footwear that is comfortable, breathable and supportive. It is our hopes that you enjoy and share your progress and goals with your family and coworkers. We hope you join us on our many walks as we walk paths chosen from some of the most beautiful sites from around the world.
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