Walking Challenge - IMB in Iso

Walking Challenge - IMB in Iso
A little about us
Working at the Institute and on campus comes with the added perk of getting our daily step count - there is a lot of ground to cover when you are focused on the next big discovery. But as we settle into isolation life, there is less walking to do. This challenge is for IMBers to inspire one another to get the steps up and keep connected during COVID madness. Working from home comes with a lot of changes, whether you’re home alone, or suddenly find yourself surrounded by everyone in your family, it can be quite stressful to find your rhythm that works. Kids can get restless, the dogs (and cats!) will be begging for attention, and spouses, well…. I’m sure that also comes with its own unique challenges! Let’s promote a bit of physical activity to boost morale, release some of that built up energy, and make the best of this new territory of working from home – with social distancing always being recognised!
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