Diabetes Walk for Hope

Diabetes Walk for Hope
A little about us
Diabetes Hope Foundation is excited to announce the launch of our third Virtual Diabetes Walk for Hope campaign. For the entire month of September, Diabetes Hope Foundation will be partnering with WorldWalking.org to host our virtual walk event. Every day you walk 10,000 steps, or your team (maximum 10 people/team) achieves 50,000 steps within a 24 hour period between September 1st and September 30th, your name/your team will be entered into a draw to win a brand new fitbit or a gift card of your choice to reward you for your hard work. To be eligible, you must be registered as a walker on our www.diabeteswalkforhope.com website, and your steps have to be banked to our group/walk page. Winner(s) of the 10,000 steps challenge will be announced October 1st 2017 on our facebook website.
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