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Walking The World Challenge Hi everyone As part of our wellbeing 2018 programme we are starting our first challenge on the 1st February, the challenge is to Walk the World, we hope you will take part, all steps counts, from walking the dog, doing a gym class to getting up to make a coffee. The link to join will follow shortly, we need to complete 79,327,987 steps. This may sound a lot but if we all join in we can do this. Most phones now have stepometers on them as a standard application so you can easily track your daily count. You can even just do this as a weekly update for anyone who is tracking on a separate device such as fitbit. The benefits of exercise are known to us all. Keeping fit enables us to build resilience which helps us deal with the day to day stresses of life. Our walking and running clubs launch next week so we should smash this no problem.
  • 79,327,994 Steps walked together
  • 1 Walk started
  • Joined: Jan 2018

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