World Walking's very good friend, Maurice Donohue is passionate about two things; helping to tackle dementia and sport, particularly encouraging people to take part in his first love of distance running. 

He is also a proud resident of West Dunbartonshire and its sporting heritage, including the achievements of local sporting heroes Lachie Stewart (1970 Commonwealth Games Gold Medal winner of the 10,000 metres) and Jackie Stewart ( Three times Formula 1 Champion).

To help support the fight against dementia and celebrate the part that sport can play in this battle, Maurice created and completed the challenge in partnership with two charities, Sporting Memories and Race Against Dementia, which would involve running a 10 kilometers a day for 365 consecutive days to:

• Encourage physical participation
• Raise awareness of the fight against dementia and to reduce stigma.

You too can play a part in raising the profile of dementia as well as being active.

Thank You and Remember...........Keeeeeeeep Walking!

PS Check out Maurice's collaborative work with Sporting Memories and Bellshill Academy using World Walking on our 'Walks' page (Bellshill and North Lanarkshire Sporting Memories walks)

Photo by kind permission of Steven Tee - LAT IMAGES.

As a GP, our job is to offer the best to every patient, every time. 
There is one treatment that can extend life expectancy by 7 years, can help prevent and treat over 40 chronic diseases, can make you more productive at work, and evidence shows makes you happier on average. Although it sounds too good to be true, we have found that such a miracle treatment exists, and I frequently tell my patients, as well as my friends and family all about it. In fact I believe so strongly in it, that I will take it myself. Best of all there are virtually no side effects, and it is free. 

What is this wonder drug I hear you say? Many will have realised by now, that it is walking, or indeed any regular form of exercise. Building 30 minutes 5 times a week or similar into your life gets all these benefits, and you'll also help the environment and perhaps have a good catch up with friends or family if you persuade them to join you. 

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, along with a range of other organisations are starting to promote walking, and physical activity as a key component of achieving good health, and are delighted to be doing a virtual walk with World Walking- so far we have walked from Glasgow to India- and we'd love you to join us for the rest of the journey. Just click on Or else join in any of the other fabulous walks on World Walking. 

Andrew Murray, GP, Clinical fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow @docandrewmurray twitter