Congratulations to intu, the largest shopping network in the UK, on achieving national recognition by using World Walking to mark National Walking Month in May 2017. 

As well as passing on our congratulations we'd also like to say a big thank-you to intu for its very kind and generous donation of £150 which we'll use to help keep World Walking going in 2018/19.

Here's what intu's Corporate Responsibility Executive, Chantal Boyle, had to say about her company's efforts.

"intu have received the runner-up award for Excellence in Walking by Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards 2017 which was a direct result of our successes with the World Walking app.

With the World Walking app 103 intu staff, across 14 of our shopping centres across the UK, and head office in London, walked an incredible 7,479,936 steps during the month of May.

Together they walked from:

  1. Lands’ End to John O'Groats
  2. Vienna to Paris
  3. The Adriatic Coast
  4. Barcelona to Rome

The group included a wide range of abilities both physical and professional. Everyone was motivated by the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed recording their activity and learning interesting facts about the cities, towns and countries that we visited along the way.

We took the opportunity to remind people of the benefits of walking  which include:

  • Refreshing your mind
  • Boosting your body's fitness, reducing periods of sickness
  • Restoring your soul and enhancing your mood
  • Enhancing your social life, we chat more when we are walking with friends, family or colleagues

Nearly 7.5million steps were undertaken. Staff were more physically active and actually looked for reasons to go out for a walk. People discovered new places (sometimes on their doorstep) that they never knew existed and facts about their local area that they never knew.

Most of our centres now have regular walks or links to walks that people can join. We have also introduced ‘walking meetings’ at some locations."

Why not follow in the footsteps of intu's and join World Walking today?

Call to Action

Going for Gold in 2018 with World Walking

We’ve added a new virtual walk and would like to invite all schools in Scotland (and anywhere else for that matter) to Go for Gold in 2018 

The new walk, called “Going for Gold 2018”, has been created to celebrate next year's Commonwealth Games. It is 15,000 miles long, all the way from Scotland, host nation of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to Australia which is hosting the 2018 Games at its beautiful Gold Coast.

What better use for schools' Daily/MUGA Mile activity in 2017/18?

To take part:

1.  Register to join World Walking if you haven't already created your free account, or login if you are already a world walker.

2.  If you haven’t already done so, create a group on World Walking for your school by clicking ‘My Groups’ on the menu on your World Walking dashboard.

3.  Start the ‘Going for Gold 2018’ walk via your ‘My Walks’ page

4.  Start walking and adding your steps/miles/kilometers.

We hope to see your school at the Gold Coast next April.

Any questions, please contact: [email protected]

Thank You and Happy Walking

Today we're pleased to launch a new feature on the website - the ability to delete (or undo) banked distances which were added by mistake.

Mistakes happen to the best of us from time to time, and some of our users (including myself) have fallen into the trap of adding an extra pesky digit to their daily steps, or choosing miles instead of steps by mistake.

Our new "Undo" feature allows you to roll-back or delete your banked distance (as long as you've not spent it on a virtual walk yet). For more information and help, please see our article below:

Happy Walking!


World Walking is proud to call Scotland it's home and we enjoy using our platform to help showcase the best our country has to offer at the same time as doing what we can to help get Scotland (and the world) walking.

It just so happens that 2017 is Scotland's Year of History, Heritage and ArchaeologyWe're delighted to have been given the opportunity of collaborating with Historic Environment Scotland to help promote this unique year-long celebration of our country's rich culture.

Thanks to Historic Environment Scotland's help, you can now enjoy exploring some of the historic highlights of Dumfries & Galloway. As we'll shortly be piloting the use of World Walking in a small number of primary schools in partnership with NHS Dumfries & Galloway we thought this beautiful region of Scotland would be a good place to start. We're hoping to add more virtual historic walks around our wonderful country as 2017 unfolds.

Our new Dumfries & Galloway route takes you a 115 mile walk that takes in 9 historic sites across the region: Caerlaverock Castle, Sweetheart Abbey, New Abbey Corn Mill, Threave Castle, Dundrennan Castle, McLellan's Castle, Cardoness Castle, Glenluce Abbey and Whithorn Priory and Museum.

The team at Historic Environment Scotland has been terrific, especially Marketing Executive, Aimee Bertram, who has provided descriptions for each milestone along the walk as well as arranging for us to be granted permission to use Historic Environment Scotland images to make the walk come alive. Thanks Aimee - you're a star!

Enjoy exploring more of Scotland with World Walking thanks to Historic Environment Scotland.

Back in May 2016, World Walking introduced Fitbit and Jawbone integration on our new-look website and apps. A frequently requested feature, this integration allowed thousands of our users to connect their World Walking account to their favourite tracker, automatically banking their daily steps.

Today we're delighted to release an updated version of the underlying Fitbit and Jawbone integration. Connecting is still as simple as 1 click (Settings > Apps), and existing users don't have to do a thing.

The new version cleverly keeps up to date with your Fitbit tracker - just keep your device synced using the official Fitbit app and World Walking will pull in your steps when they come through in the background. 

For more information or help, please see Help > Syncing

At World Walking we’re always on the lookout for ideas for new walks.  

For a while now we’ve had the idea of a creating a walk from Scotland to Malawi at the back of our minds but never quite got round to it.

But thanks to an approach from Ailie Grant, class teacher at Kilmacolm Primary School, and help from Emily Mnyayi, Youth and Schools Officer, at the Scotland Malawi Partnership in Edinburgh, we’re delighted to say we’ve got round to it in time to help get 2017 off on the right foot.

Scotland's connections with Malawi began with Scottish missionary and explorer, David Livingstone, over 150 years ago.

Today, through the Scotland Malawi Partnership, over 200 Scottish schools have active links with schools in Malawi or learn about Malawi as part of their curriculum.  Kilmacolm Primary School is one of them and in Autumn 2016 Ailie and her young world walkers at the school decided to take on the Daily Mile Challenge to help them reach the their sister school in Phinda in Malawi.

The School will also be feeding their miles into the Inverclyde Million Miles Challenge which uses World Walking to log all distances.

Ailie’s approach was exactly the push we needed to get cracking. We were delighted when Emily liked the idea and kindly shared some Scottish Malawi Partnership images for us to use to help us create the walk.

We’re hoping that this new route will appeal to the Scottish schools with links with schools in Malawi (and others) and motivate them to take up the challenge of walking all the way from Scotland to Malawi.  In doing so, we hope the initiative will:

  • build on the long-standing links between the two countries;
  • help ingrain the attitudes, skills and behaviours for lifelong physical activity and health; and
  • develop the pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the world and their place in it

Good luck Kilmacolm Primary School and thanks Ailie and Emily for helping make this happen.

If you have an idea for a new route which you'd like to consider please don't hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

After months of planning, design and development, we are delighted to launch the brand new World Walking website and mobile apps today.

World Walking has grown from strength to strength since launching in 2013, with our bespoke website and apps updated to accommodate various new features and improvements including group chat, social sharing and street view. Earlier this year our registered users passed 10,000, and we look forward to welcoming more users from across the world to use our free virtual walking platform.

Our brand new website has been redesigned with simplicity and accessibility in mind, and our modernisation including our responsive, mobile optimised layout will make our platform available to even more users across different devices.

Some of the big new features we've introduced in this new version include:

  • "Banking" steps - you can build up a personal bank of steps, kilometers or miles and spend the distance as you wish on any of your solo or group walks.
  • Fitbit and Jawbone integration - visit Settings > Apps to connect to your Fitbit or Jawbone account and your daily step total will be automatically pulled in to your World Walking bank.
  • Clearer walk and milestone progress layout on your solo and group walks.
  • Notifications - your personal feed of events from your groups or group walks, available on every page
  • Improved group chat - instant messaging between group members with notifications of new messages on every page
  • New help pages to guide you with any questions or issues while using our system
  • Many underlying improvements and fixes to keep our website running smoothly and giving you the best experience.

We'd love to know what you think of our new website. You can tweet us, or pop us an e-mail, and please do share our video by the talented Box Dog Inc with your friends and family, or invite them to join your group via our website.

A big thank you to the generous donations by NHS Health Scotland, Paths for All and our users - we wouldn't have been able to make these updates without your support.

Finally, this update was a joint effort between Glasgow based digital studio Papertank Limited and mobile developers Turing and Fergus Howe. A massive thank you to the combined efforts of everyone, and the ongoing support for World Walking for the past 4 years.

Next on our roadmap is a World Walking fundraising tool, integrated directly into your group walks to help you raise awareness and money for your local charity. Stay tuned!


We are delighted to announce a new version of our free World Walking website and mobile apps will launch this coming weekend - 20th May 2016.

Thanks to generous donations by NHS Health Scotland, Paths for All and our users, and after several months of planning, design and development, our new version introduces a completely fresh design and exciting new features.

We're excited to launch our new design and hear your feedback. As part of our update, our website and apps will be offline from 8AM - 10AM BST on Friday 20th May - see you on the other side!

Happy Walking. Happy Days

Milestones feature prominently in World Walking. Route milestones. Personal milestones. Group milestones.

Today, World Walking reached a milestone of its own - 10,000 users. We're so chuffed!.

We'd like to thank:

Happy Walking. Happy Days.

World Walking

2015 was a great year for World Walking.

At the start of the year about 2,600 people had signed up to use World Walking. By the end of 2015, over 7500 people had registered; an increase of 184%!

During 2015, the total number of steps added to World Walking increased by 175% to over 2.95 billion!  That’s equivalent to walking round the world 50 times.

Some of the year’s other highlights for World Walking included:

  • Supporting the Race Across USA to highlight the work of The 100 Mile Club to raise awareness of and combat the problems caused by childhood obesity in the USA;
  • Being used successfully to support a worldwide “heart & sole” challenge to promote cardiac rehabilitation organised in partnership with the British Association for Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland;
  • Being used by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow as part of their campaign to promote the health and well-being benefits of being physically active; and
  • Supporting the Mayor’s health and fitness fair in the town of Titusville, Florida.

Thank You

We could not have done any of this without a lot of help and support from others so a HUGE thank you to:

  • Inverclyde Council for its grant to cover the operating costs of World Walking;
  • Paths for All for its grant to help us enhance World Walking to keep it moving forward; and
  • Maurice Donohue, Get Active Programme Manager, at the Scottish Association for Mental Health, and Dr Andrew Murray, Sports and Exercise Medicine doctor, GP and runner, for plugging World Walking.

Finally, thanks to Chris Baldie and David Rushton of Papertank Ltd., Michael Park of Turing Ltd. and Fergus Howe; the great team behind the scenes for all the time, effort and thought which they devoted to World Walking during 2015.  Without them none of this would be possible.

As our New Year dawns we have a lot of exciting things to look forward to but we’ll keep all that good news for another day!

We’re committed to continuously improving World Walking with our very limited resources while responding promptly to any questions from our users.   So at the start of the year we decided to sign up to UserVoice to help us collect feedback and prioritise features.  We also use its help desk software to support our customers.

One of UserVoice’s handy features is its ‘Satisfaction Rating Widget’.  We decided to take the plunge and have a go.

The question asked of our users during August was “On a scale of 0 to 10 how likely would you be to recommend World Walking to a friend or colleague?”

We’ve just been looking at the results.  We received 183 responses and would like to thank everyone who took part.

We’re very pleased to be able to report that those who responded gave World Walking a positive overall rating of 7.3 out of 10 with 70% of respondents giving us the maximum score of 10 out of 10. 

Quite a few people who responded also added comments which we greatly appreciated.  Here are some of them:

“An excellent way to keep fit and enjoy it”

“I think this is a very useful tool and it encourages you to get out and walk and keep fit”

“I really enjoy adding my steps in at the end of the day and discovering which landmark I've reached. It's really encouraged me to walk more”

“What a great site! It's very motivational to see how far I've walked already, and it's interesting to learn about the places that I'm virtually in now. The fact that this is free is amazing too. Thank you so much!”

“Encourages you to go out and walk”

“It is a great motivational website”

“Easy to use”

“We are all spread across the country and a fun way to compete”

“Because it is a real incentive when you have a medical problem and walking can be difficult”

“I enjoy the walks, the "street view" and the fun of "visiting" new places”

“I think this is a brilliant way to make what can be quite a dull activity (especially if your walk to work involves a long, straight bit of road) a bit more interesting. Both abstract and concrete at the same time”

“I love the feeling of going somewhere on my walks and having maps and photos to look at”

“Interesting concept to promote and reward progress”

“Excellent incentive to walk”

“Favourite site. Absolutely brilliant!”

“Absolutely love this site, I have told everyone I can about it, and will continue to do so! Wish everyone used it. Good work!”

“I think it’s a great idea, I'm very competitive so if I get friends involved it will make me walk more”

“Amazing site that lets you see the world around you; you can even have friends help you conquer the steps from one Milestone to the next. All in great colour and great background descriptions at the Milestone”

“It's good fun, a challenge and a good way to spur me on”

“Simple idea but really does make you walk more in order to travel further on one of the journeys. I am enjoying watching my progress when my position on the map and Google Earth changes each day. It has become part of my daily routine to add my steps from the previous day.”

“World walking is great for encouraging my wife and I to go for a walk rather than sit in and watch the TV. And it’s great to have the chance to go somewhere virtually. We’re currently on our way round the world!”

“I think it's a very fun and motivating way to get some exercise. I also love all the information given about the milestones along the way”

“World Walking is amazing. I have always walked - for a time and then stopped because it seemed as though I was doing nothing more than walking aimlessly around our local streets. Since January 1st I feel fully motivated as I walk with purpose. I am slowly walking my way round the world. Your site is a brilliant motivator to keep people going. I love inputting my latest steps and seeing how far along my chosen route I've got today”

“I really like your variety of walks and that you have longer walks! When you average 20k daily, you need longer walks”

Thanks to all.

Happy Walking

We’re delighted to see World Walking being used by a charity to help raise funds for the first time.

The Diabetes Hope Foundation, based in Mississauga in Canada, was created in 1999 to help families struggling with the financial and emotional challenges of children living with diabetes.  Since then, Diabetes Hope has worked in partnership with corporations, families and community partners to support over 1,000 families with diabetes across Canada. 

This year Diabetes Hope has decided to revamp their 9th annual Diabetes Walk for Hope in September as a completely new virtual event featuring a Canadian Cities walk which we’ve created especially for their event.  All proceeds raised from the event will be used to support Diabetes Hope Foundation’s programmes for young people living with Diabetes across Canada.

We hope the Foundation’s 2015 Walk for Hope is a great success.

If you would like to find out more just check out

Last year, we were delighted to be invited by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde to support its annual walking challenge with the City of Glasgow.  This was their first online challenge and we were chuffed to bits when our system helped double the number of participants and distance walked.

The 2015 walking challenge has just ended.  Over 800 team took part this year, including some from East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Renfrewshire Councils.  The challenge for the teams this year was to walk the length of Great Britain; all the way from John O'Groats to Land's End. 

The total distance walked during this year's 6-week challenge was an amazing 468,060 miles; 7.8% up on last year's terrific total.

This is the third online walking challenge which the organisations have completed using our system.  So far, the overall distance walked is 915,946 miles; equivalent to walking 36 times round the world!  That's what you call 'active' staff'.

Here's to 2016!

It’s not every day that someone writes to you to say “I’ve been inspired to encourage my cardiac rehabilitation group to walk to meet the Inverclyde Globetrotters.” Especially someone on the other side of the world!

But that’s exactly Robyn Leece, Registered Nurse and Cardiac Rehabilitation Co-ordinator / Diabetes Nurse at Quirindi Health One in Quirindi in New South Wales, Australia did back on 22 April.

Robyn had read about the Inverclyde Globetrotters in an Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association newsletter and thought this would be a great motivational tool for her ‘Heartmoves’ group of 20 to 30 cardiac rehabilitation clients and other community members.

They’ve decided to start their massive 13,500 mile walk from Quirindi to Scotland on 11 June 2015 coincide with the National Heart Foundation of Australia’s “Go Red For Women” campaign.

Pedometers have been organised and as enthusiasm has been building the ‘Heartmoves’ group named their group on World Walking the “Who’d a thought it Walkers” after the highest landmark in town, a hill that has a 360 degree lookout.  They've adopted the motto “not by sudden flight but step by step” which is the motto for the local high school.  

Needless to say the Inverclyde Globetrotters were well chuffed and it’s been decided that the Inverclyde Globetrotters and the Quirindi ‘Heartmoves’ group will ‘twin’’. Well if cities and town can ‘twin’ why not cardiac rehabilitation groups?

A special walk has been created on World Walking for the ‘Heartmovers’ to follow.

We created World Walking with a community spirit in mind.  We are delighted to welcome the ‘Heartmove’ group from Quirindi to our growing community of World Walkers and we look forward to watching their progress.  The warmest of Scottish welcomes awaits them in Greenock!

Welcome to our new blog which we've been able to create thanks to much appreciated funding from Paths for All, the Scottish charity which champions everyday walking as the way to a happier, healthier Scotland.

We have to thank World Walker, Geraldine Innes, for suggesting we add Ireland’s dramatic, scenic and culturally rich Wild Atlantic Way to our range of walks.  What a great suggestion!  Check it out. We're sure you’ll love it as much as we did.

Photo by pchgorman (Flickr)

Looking for a new challenge?  Then you might like to check out our latest World Walking route.

For the last few weeks we’ve been happily working to replicate the route of Race Across USA, a 3,000 mile, 140 day long footrace starting in January 2015 in support of The 100 Mile Club, an American not for profit organisation, whose goal is to confront the obesity problem caused by inactivity one child and one school at a time. 

We are delighted to have been invited to lend our support to this great cause.


To celebrate our 1,000th user we've added another stunning route for your to enjoy - Sydney. Thank you all for taking part in World Walking. It means the World to us.

Photo by h00j-A (Flickr)

A special route to help get you Fit in '14

Sample just a fraction of what's on offer in this wonderful country as you travel the route of the Glasgow 2014 Queen's Baton around Scotland; home of the Inverclyde Globetrotters and World Walking. 

Happy walking!

Is this some kind of record? 

Since 2008, when the Inverclyde Globetrotters (the creators of World Walking) set off on their first virtual walk - an epic 30,000 mile round the world adventure - Joe Stewart, one of the stalwarts of the group, has clocked up over 12,500 miles using the same Silva ex step pedometer.

Joe thoroughly deserves his place in the pedometer Hall of Fame!  Well done Joe and well done Silva. A winning partnership.