We love World Walking. Well we would, wouldn't we. We created it. Well, actually, the talented team of Chris and David at Papertank, Fergus at Mayday Development and Michael at Turing Ltd. created it for us but its been a team effort and we're chuffed to bits with it.

When designing World Walking we decided to pitch it for individuals and small groups. Over the years, World Walking has been used by groups of all sorts; families, community groups, churches, charities, schools and universities and workplaces.  It's a great, free option for small workplace challenges, however if you're looking for something that will cope with a large number of participants, something you can tailor to meet your specific needs, we'd recommentd you have a look at Big Team Challenge.  Not because we don't want you adding your steps to World Walking but because Big Team Challenge has been specifially designed by the team behind World Walking to allow to you to create and run your own private challenge, customising it to meet your needs.

Big Team Challenge is a cost-effective software-as-a-service solution which provides web and mobile apps for managing online ‘virtual’ walking and cycling challenges for workplaces and communities. 

You choose the duration, team size and virtual route that suits your participants, upload your branding on the website and mobile apps, and communicate with all your participants via emails and push notifications whenever you need.

Users participating in your private challenge can create or join a team, track their progress together, encourage healthy competition and build a better active daily routine.  There's a team leaderboard which refreshes every 5 minutes, allowing participants to check their team and other team positions, as well as search and ‘favourite’ certain teams to easily keep track of other colleagues and teams throughout the challenge.

Just like here at World Walking, the team at Big Team Challenge prides itself on the quality of the support it offers to its clients.  Your account and support will be managed entirely in-house using their bespoke software; there are no ‘middle-man’ account managers or external support staff and they are always on hand to help.

Your Big Team Challenge licence fee includes:

  • Access to Big Team Challenge for the duration of your challenge, including a pre-registration period.

  • A dedicated website (e.g. yourcompany.bigteamchallenge.com) and the Big Team Challenge mobile apps, allowing participants to register, login and participate in the challenge.

  • Help selecting a virtual route for each challenge from our bank of over 100 ready-to-use routes, including waypoint descriptions and professional photos.

  • Technical and user support.

  • A secure admin area where the admin staff can access (and export) user and team details as well as view reports and settings.

The Big Team Challenge website allows you to create your own challenge using their Challenge Creator Wizard.  You can sign up for free on Big Team Challengem to reserve your organisation’s Big Team Challenge website, browse our library of routes etc.  So if you're looking to promote health and wellbeing, create a little healthy competition and have some fun, make Big Team Challenge part of your 2020 vision.