With World Walking you can add the steps or distance you walk manually or you can automatically track your progress using your Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit. You can also use its integrated apps which use GPS. To find out more about getting started or syncing check out the relevant segments of World Walking’s Help Section.

As you track your activity, the NASUWT group will progress along the virtual route to Rwanda. The map will show where the group has reached along the route.

You can add distance in steps or miles or kilometres. World Walking handles all the conversions. 

‘Steps’ is the default setting but you can change this if you will normally be entering your distance in miles or kilometres by following the guidance in this Help article: https://worldwalking.org/help/article/9403/set-your-default-unit-of-distance

With World Walking you add your distance to your ‘bank’ and then ‘spend’ the ‘banked’ distance on your walk. 


If you are adding distance manually, please take care that you are banking the correct distance and always double-check before you ‘spend’ any ‘banked’ distance to make sure it is the correct figure. If it isn’t and you spend the distance on your group walk you cannot correct it and the walk may be spoiled for everyone.

If, however, you spot your mistake before you ‘spend’ the distance on your walk, you can ‘un-do’ the steps from your bank by following the guidance in this Help article: https://worldwalking.org/help/article/1822/how-do-i-delete-distance-from-my-bank