World Walking was designed for individuals and small groups to use. 

If you’re considering running a large corporate (or community) walking challenge, you are looking in the wrong place; World Walking is not what you need. We recommend you check out Big Team Challenge which has been created by the team behind World Walking specifically for those larger initiatives.  

However, World Walking can provide small organisations with a good, free, entry-level option for their mini-workplace wellness or challenge.

Using World Walking for a small workplace challenge is pretty straightforward. 

Creating your group

The first step is to create and name your group and upload your company logo as your avatar. 

We haven’t imposed a limit on the number of people who can join a group on World Walking but we normally recommend you keep it within 50 or so. 

As usual, you can create your group as ‘joinable’ which makes it easy for your colleagues to join; you just need share your group’s URL with them. Alternatively, you can set it up as an ‘invite-only’ group; whichever arrangement suits you best.

Although we always hope that our users will make their groups ‘public’ and, therefore, visible on World Walking, you have option of making your group ‘private’, which means that only those with whom you share your group’s URL will be able to find it and join. 

Choosing your virtual challenge route

When it comes to choosing a walk for your group, the simplest option is to choose one select one from our ‘ready-to-use’ routes that is long enough work for the duration of your mini-challenge and the number of people you hope will take part; the longer duration and the more participants the longer the route. 

As a rough guide, if you looking to set a daily target of 10,000 steps per participant you’ll need a route that will be long enough to cater for each participant walking about 30 miles per week. We’ve a number of long routes which you might consider featuring the USA, Europe, Australia, South East Asia, Canada and Africa; you could even try walking round the world!

Do you have your own ideas for a route?

If you have an idea for a route you’d like to use for your mini-challenge we’d be happy to look at this with you to see if it would be possible to create a bespoke route for you.  Please share your idea with [email protected]

The goal of your mini-challenge

The goal of your mini-challenge would be to complete your group walk and to see who had contributed the most distance.

You can view the numbers of steps added by each participant during your mini-challenge by clicking on your walk and then scrolling down to the ‘Members’ section where you’ll find a ‘See All’ button.  When you click that button you’ll see all of your group members listed in order of the number of steps they have added to the walk, highest to lowest.

Once your group walk has been completed you can find out the final ‘leaderboard’ by clicking on the ‘Completed Walks’ button and following the same sequence.

Group chat

You can post messages of encouragement to your group via the Group Chat’ facility.  A ‘Group Chat’ symbol will be displayed when group members login to alert them that a message has been posted. 


World Walking runs continuously which means that for people who already have a World Walking account their dashboard showing their steps total, achievements etc. will remain. Your mini-workplace challenge group will just become another of their groups and walks.

They can keep any other walks they are doing going and return to them when your mini-workplace challenge is over.

When someone joins World Walking for the first time and syncs their Fitbit or Apple Health Kit distances may be added to their ‘bank’ on their World Walking dashboard which pre-date the start of your mini-workplace challenge.  The simplest thing to do in that case to avoid causing confusion with your mini-workplace challenge, is for them to create a ‘solo’ walk and ‘spend’ the synced distance which has been ‘banked’ on that walk. If they ‘spend’ any synced distance that predates your mini-workplace challenge on the challenge walk their is no way to delete it. Just so you know!

If you are thinking of using World Walking for a mini-workplace challenge and have any questions check our Help Section which has the answers to a number of FAQs. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact [email protected]