We are delighted to introduce you to Freda. 

With her kind permission, here is her inspiring story.

Freda is a World Walker. A while back, Freda very kindly provided us with this ‘testimonial’: 

“ We love World Walking. It motivates the whole family to walk. We have done many walks, all lost weight and all feel better for it. We all got Fitbits a year ago and love how it automatically syncs our steps to World Walking. We have also recruited many friends to World Walking.

I can't believe I am approaching a personal step total of 10 million since joining. I feel very proud of my achievement. By the way I'm 64.

Our family all live in the Manchester/Liverpool region in UK. My husband and I moved to Denia in Spain 3 years ago from Chester and we average about 75 to 100 kilometers a week or 10 kilometers every single day. In the first year of using World Walking my husband and I were able to come off blood pressure medication and in our first year in Spain we were both able to come off asthma medication. We have also visited some of the virtual milestones we have reached on World Walking; in Mexico, China, and Spain on the Camino de Santiago.”

Freda was back in touch with us yesterday.  She told us that she and her husband and their daughter, who lives in the UK, are now walking round the world and they had reached the half-way point on their epic, 27,000 mile journey - Auckland, New Zealand.

She said “Who says walking isn’t good exercise? The difference in me since starting with your walking site is immense - best thing I ever found on the internet!”

Freda has now walked over 17.6 million steps (7,500 miles).  Her group is called “The Walking Lydons”. They have so far walked over 39 million steps (16,764 miles).