Congratulations to intu, the largest shopping network in the UK, on achieving national recognition by using World Walking to mark National Walking Month in May 2017. 

As well as passing on our congratulations we'd also like to say a big thank-you to intu for its very kind and generous donation of £150 which we'll use to help keep World Walking going in 2018/19.

Here's what intu's Corporate Responsibility Executive, Chantal Boyle, had to say about her company's efforts.

"intu have received the runner-up award for Excellence in Walking by Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards 2017 which was a direct result of our successes with the World Walking app.

With the World Walking app 103 intu staff, across 14 of our shopping centres across the UK, and head office in London, walked an incredible 7,479,936 steps during the month of May.

Together they walked from:

  1. Lands’ End to John O'Groats
  2. Vienna to Paris
  3. The Adriatic Coast
  4. Barcelona to Rome

The group included a wide range of abilities both physical and professional. Everyone was motivated by the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed recording their activity and learning interesting facts about the cities, towns and countries that we visited along the way.

We took the opportunity to remind people of the benefits of walking  which include:

  • Refreshing your mind
  • Boosting your body's fitness, reducing periods of sickness
  • Restoring your soul and enhancing your mood
  • Enhancing your social life, we chat more when we are walking with friends, family or colleagues

Nearly 7.5million steps were undertaken. Staff were more physically active and actually looked for reasons to go out for a walk. People discovered new places (sometimes on their doorstep) that they never knew existed and facts about their local area that they never knew.

Most of our centres now have regular walks or links to walks that people can join. We have also introduced ‘walking meetings’ at some locations."

Why not follow in the footsteps of intu's and join World Walking today?