2021-22: The world continues to wrestle with the COVID-19 pandemic and our little, volunteer-led charity strives to keep going.  We thought we'd create a blog, like we did last year, to keep track of the key milestones.

1 April 2021:  This new financial year begins with our little charity, like the rest of the world, facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2019/20 has just ended with the following results:

27 April:  Another milestone in our journey! Small charities raise £20,000 thanks to our free, integrated fundraising feature. Happy days.

2 May: 140,000 user accounts now created on World Walking since our launch in 2013.

5 May: Hugely significant day for World Walking  - 25 million miles clocked up by our amazing community of World Walkers. Walking the equivalent of 1,000 times round the world and all for free! Can you believe that? Overjoyed. 

14 May: 60 billion steps now clocked up by our amazing community of World Walkers.

26 June: The money raised by small UK charities using our simple, free fundraising feature tops £25,000, excluding Gift Aid.

28 June:  We rocket passed 150,000 registered users!

1 July: Our first quarter results for 2021/22. Actvity still impressively high.

8 July: 70 billion steps now recorded on World Walking.

12 July: 30 million miles now recorded on World Walking - well done to all our amazing users!

7 August: Three milestones in one day!

  • 1,250 laps of the world completed by our wonderful walkers;
  • 25,000 new users welcomed since 1 April 2021; and 
  • 10,000 virtual walks completed since 1 April 2021.

17 August: 75 billion steps now clocked up on World Walking. Stunned at how far we've come.

27 August: 10 million miles clocked up since 1 April 2021.

29 August: Our fundraising feature helps raise over £30,000 for small UK charities.

13 September: 160,000 user accounts now created on World Walking.

29 September: Our wonderful online community of world walkers have now clocked up over 80 billion steps!

1 October: Our best ever mid-year results!

1 November: 50,000 virtual walks now completed by our amazing online community of World Walkers!

10 November: Our global community has now walked 36 million miles - the equivalent of walking to the Moon and back 75 times.

21 December: 20 million miles recorded during 2021 by our amazing world walkers!

21 December:  37.5 million miles clocked up by our global community in total since our launch in October 2013 - equivalent to walking 1,500 times round the world.

30 December: 52 city walks now available on World Walking; one for every week of the year.

31 December: 2021 has been our most active year ever:

1 January 2022: Happy New Year!  Over 300 people join World Walking, 100 virtual walks are completed and 50,000 miles clocked up. Talk about getting the New Year off on the right foot!

13 January: Our wonderful online community of world walkers have now clocked up over 90 billion steps!

9 February: 20,000 walks completed in 2021/22. Happy days.

13 February: User account No 175000 was created today.

24  February: An incredible 40,000 million miles clocked up by our wonderful community of World Walkers.

31 March:  Our end-of-year results for 2021-22; our most active year to date by a mile!  Thanks to everyone who contributed their miles and to those who donated to our charity for helping to make this possible.