After months of planning, design and development, we are delighted to launch the brand new World Walking website and mobile apps today.

World Walking has grown from strength to strength since launching in 2013, with our bespoke website and apps updated to accommodate various new features and improvements including group chat, social sharing and street view. Earlier this year our registered users passed 10,000, and we look forward to welcoming more users from across the world to use our free virtual walking platform.

Our brand new website has been redesigned with simplicity and accessibility in mind, and our modernisation including our responsive, mobile optimised layout will make our platform available to even more users across different devices.

Some of the big new features we've introduced in this new version include:

  • "Banking" steps - you can build up a personal bank of steps, kilometers or miles and spend the distance as you wish on any of your solo or group walks.
  • Fitbit and Jawbone integration - visit Settings > Apps to connect to your Fitbit or Jawbone account and your daily step total will be automatically pulled in to your World Walking bank.
  • Clearer walk and milestone progress layout on your solo and group walks.
  • Notifications - your personal feed of events from your groups or group walks, available on every page
  • Improved group chat - instant messaging between group members with notifications of new messages on every page
  • New help pages to guide you with any questions or issues while using our system
  • Many underlying improvements and fixes to keep our website running smoothly and giving you the best experience.

We'd love to know what you think of our new website. You can tweet us, or pop us an e-mail, and please do share our video by the talented Box Dog Inc with your friends and family, or invite them to join your group via our website.

A big thank you to the generous donations by NHS Health Scotland, Paths for All and our users - we wouldn't have been able to make these updates without your support.

Finally, this update was a joint effort between Glasgow based digital studio Papertank Limited and mobile developers Turing and Fergus Howe. A massive thank you to the combined efforts of everyone, and the ongoing support for World Walking for the past 4 years.

Next on our roadmap is a World Walking fundraising tool, integrated directly into your group walks to help you raise awareness and money for your local charity. Stay tuned!